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One of the most hyped and awaited series also has one of those rarest things -a slow and intensive buildup. Expectations with the series is growing up with the players having got enough time to take rest and plan their moves.

Thoughts on the players' form and prospects:
Australia seemed vulnerable against spin, however the second innings in Hyderabad saw them negotiate spin pretty well. The Aussie offspinner sucked but he may not get a game with White coming in. Everyone is ignoring Clarke which is a great mistake on the Indians' part and a great boon for the Aussies. Lee looked like he was conserving his energy for the Tests which is smart. Siddons is a good line and length bowler and will be an asset on variable bounce wickets. Ricky Ponting actually came out and hit some gorgeous sixes against Ojha. If he hits even one such six against Harbhajan without getting out, his slump against spin will end. Clarke has always been a good player of spin and he will the MVP for Australia now that a certain fisherman is out.

The Indian fast bowling looks better than ever. The spinners seem to be licking their fingers in anticipation but they should not be overconfidant. Unlike pace, spin is easy to play once you are exposed to high quality spinners in spinning conditions. The improvement shown in the second innings at Hyderabad should serve as a warning. The batting remains a concern. Of the "Fab 4" Tendulkar has not played any game this season due to injury - something which was not the case when the Aussies toured earlier. Ganguly played one game and pretty much sucked like Monica Lewinsky. However he sucked even more before making that comeback in South Africa. Also this being his last tour in all probablities, he can come out all guns blazing knowing it will not matter. Ganguly is the most dangerous in such a mood. Laxman looked indifferant but he is a big match player and the opposition is Australia. Dravid stonewalled the shit out of the Delhi bowlers. He is trying very hard and there is no Mcgrath and Warne to tie him up this time.

In summary, the Aussies look more settled than the Indians who are relying more on reputation than actually current form. I may be jumping the gun based on a handful of first class encounters but i do wonder at the intelligence of those who are calling it 3-1 or 3-0 India. It will be much closer. If Australia had a settled spinner it would have been advantage Australia.

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